About Kratika Puri

Hello, bibliolater! I am Kratika Puri, author at Peaceful Mindset, a Content Writer, and a Blog Writer.

I completed my Bachelors in Business Administration and am currently pursuing a Masters of Commerce (International Business).

I started my journey as a Content Writer in January 2020. I always love listening to people. And why not?

Have you seen the faces of people when someone pays concentration to their talk? This is why I never listen to music or use my phone when I travel.

I helped people by listening to them, and they frequently felt relieved at the end. Some people even told so many stories and ways to remain happy and cheerful all day long.

Kratika Puri

Listening to those people I have never met again, didn’t only increase my knowledge but my understanding level as well.

We all want something that can fill the positivity in our lives. We may speak a lot in the social world, but most of the time, reality comes out much differently.

This is why I am focusing on this blog to make your curvy smile even bigger and bring you some peace by utilizing all useful information.

I will be sharing all those magic tricks and tips that can calm your restless mind and help you to find your life goals.

Lastly, I am happy to start to contribute something to your lives. Thank you, wordsmiths.

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