Becoming Flawesome by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani Book Review: Imperfect = I + AM + Perfect (Decoded)

It fills my heart with great joy to bring you a very practical guide that will help improve your quality of life and live a flawesome life.

Today, I am delighted to bring you one of the most inspiring, practical, and insightful books by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, the co-founder of Mindvalley.

I am talking about Kristina’s latest book called “Becoming Flawesome“. As you might have guessed the core teaching of the book looking at the headline of this article and the book title.

If not, let me help you with a quick intro to the book and later we will look at the summary.

The book is all about YOU and your relationship with yourself. The book teaches you to accept yourself as you are and build a strong relationship with your true self.

And, this is why I named the headline of this article as Imperfect = I + AM + Perfect. Yes, this book has decoded the true meaning of Imperfection and authenticity.

I can feel, Kristina has put her heart and soul in a true sense into writing this masterpiece. Imperfect = I + AM + Perfect, in short.

Anubhav Kumar

Before the summary of the book, let me introduce you to the author of this masterpiece, the very talented, Kristina Mand-Lakhiani.

About Kristina (The Author of the book)

It will be a little unfair to just keep talking about the book and not the mind behind this great write-up. Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani who is the co-founder of Mindvalley is the brain, soul, and heart behind this revolutionary book.

She wears multiple hats and is a proud mom, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist, and now with the launch of this book, she has now become a great author.

Kristina was born and brought up in Estonia. She continued working there in multiple organizations including United Nations, Oxfam, and AIESEC.

But with the foundation of Mindvalley in the year 2003, she has gained more popularity as a speaker, visionary leader, mentor, thought provoker, and entrepreneur and takes pride in working for social welfare.

About the book, Becoming Flawesome

The summary of the book is in the title itself. The title of the book is composed of two words “Becoming” and “Flawesome”.

The first word “Becoming” means – the book will direct you toward being something. And, this something is nothing but a journey towards becoming “Flawesome”.

About the book, Becoming Flawesome

Flawesome has further two words hidden in it and they are “Flaws” and “Awesome” which means “Flaws are Awesome”.

The book will teach you to build a true relationship with yourself, the way you are. At the end of every chapter, the author has put some exercises titled “reflection points”.

Acting on these reflection points after completing each chapter will help you better understand the lessons. And, this is why I call this book a practical guide to knowing your true self.

Finding your true identity

The book highlights how living with your flaws is always an awesome choice. It will motivate you to stop trying too hard to be perfect and restrict you from comparing yourself with others.

We waste time behaving in a way people around us want us to behave. And when we try to behave in a way that is influenced by the outer force, we often lose our true identity.

And, this is where the author rescues you and stops you from losing your real identity.

The book is full of insights, practical tips, and some homework that will encourage you to stop comparing yourself with others and live with your true identity.

It will further guide you to live happily with your flaws without worrying about external validation. You can live happily with your flaws because your flaws are awesome.

Influence vs Authenticity

The book has beautifully differentiated between “Influence” and “Authenticity” when it comes to perceiving oneself.

With an analogy of the Vector force of mechanical physics, the author tried to show us the difference between these two.

According to the author, Influence is like a vector force pointing outward. Meaning, with influence you act as an external force to impact others.

On the contrary side, authenticity is not an outward pointing force and you impact yourself with your thought and build relationships with yourself. There is no external influence here when it comes to authenticity.

When it comes to finding your true self, the influence has nothing to do with authenticity as both are entirely different.

The author tries to teach us authenticity (not influence) as a means to finding our real identity.

Happiness is not perfection

The best is yet to come towards the end of the book. The author has answered the most popular question, What makes you happy?

Kristina has very interestingly explained with a small mental experiment that perfection is not happiness.

Your happiness does not depend on making everything perfect. You find everything perfect because you are already happy.

Kristina further proceeds with explaining how happiness does not require you to be perfect and actually, perfectionism kills happiness.

My thought on the book

Finally, I want to thank Kristina for this wonderful book that was able to change my thought toward building a true relationship with myself.

With the Reflection Points at the end of every chapter I was able to work on my learnings. Some mental exercises and experiments in the book have helped me learn the lessons in real-time.

I can completely understand the effort Kristina has put towards writing this wonderful piece. And, Kristina’s hard work is all set to bring revolution around the globe when it comes to personal growth and happiness.

Anubhav Kumar

I would highly recommend this book for the welfare of humankind. The book is highly engaging from the very first chapter itself with loads of learnings and examples.

In case you want more details and order this book, you can visit this link and check Kristina’s official website.

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