12 Laws of KARMA  you should know

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The Great Law

It is Cause and Effect” or “Action and Reaction”. Your action decides your outcomes. For positive outcomes, you need to think and act positively. 


The Law of Humility

The third law of karma, be humble enough to accept your mistakes first to learn the precious lessons of your failures.  


The Law of Growth

You can not change the world around you when you are not ready to change yourself first. And, this is the central message of this fourth karmic law 


The Law of Responsibility

The law of responsibility says that you are the one responsible for the things you had created for yourself and accepted, positive or negative 


The Law of Connection

The sixth law of Karma talks about connection and how your actions are interlinked for your current situation, good or bad 


The Law of Focus

This law of Karma is trying to teach us, the ultimate power of focus. It is very difficult to reach your goal when your journey is not focused on your deatination


The Law of Giving

This law tells us about belief and practice. You have to prove your faith in things you believe in practicing.  


Law of Here & Now

Concentrate what you have in present and work towards things you have currently with you to plan for the future.  


The Law of Change

You can not expect a change in your life until you are willing and putting efforts to change it 


Law of Patience

Bigger the goal is more patience you require to achieve it and greater will be your satisfaction and joy 


Law of Significance

This law states that to achieve something in life, you need to direct your inspiration and intent into it