7 Tips to practice mindfulness meditation effectively

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Find a suitable place 

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The place where you love spending most of the time with yourself. The place could be your bedroom or a study room. 


Relax your body 

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Fold your legs, sit straight, relax your shoulder, and slowly close your eyes. You can sit on a chair, table, bed, or mat 


Feel the surrounding 

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Just feel the different sounds around you, if you feel any light stress on your body part, just feel it. If you feel any smell, experience it. 


Focus on your breath 

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Breathing is the point of focus to let you aware of your present moment in case any thought tries to carry you away with it 


Welcome your first thought 

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Try to look at the thought that just comes in. Your thought may come to you from different sources. 


Do not get judgemental 

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Do not try to judge any thoughts coming in, neither try to hold them long. You do not have to resist any thought from appearing either. 


Return your focus on your breathing 

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Your thoughts will try their best to take you away with them. Stand strong for yourself by not allowing any thought to taking you away 

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