About Anubhav Kumar

Hi! My name is Anubhav Kumar, founder of websites (www.peacefulmindset.com and www.anubhavkumar.in).

I am an IT graduate by profession and entrepreneur by heart. I have been to entrepreneurship since 2014 when I decided to leave my permanent job and start something of my own.

I have seen a few failures and hardships in my life and struggled to find a way to feed my pocket. These failures not only brought financial distress but left my mind helpless in anxiety and frustration.

Not only this, even I was having some health issues and was an obese guy weighing around 84 kgs till August 2019.

I made my mind one day to work on my problems of finance, health, and mental peace. These problems were my biggest enemies in life and were making my life near to hell.

I made some plans to work parallelly to tackle these issues.

I believe, if you want peace, good health and growth financially then you need to help others with their problems, maybe with your writing and storytelling skills.

I saw a drastic improvement in myself and my decision making abilities when thought to help people with my tips and advice through blogs, ebooks, and social media handles.

I was able to reduce my weight from 84 to 66 kilograms in a matter of 3.5 months.

When I shared my weight loss journey with others online, many people appreciated it and even was able to reduce their weight successfully with the power of motivation and self-belief.

I have also seen improvement in me in terms of peace and calmness. And, just sharing my views and ideas through different platforms like this blog you are reading had helped me grow professionally, socially, and personally.

I hope, you will find my writings and tips on this website valuable and will start working towards a healthy and better lifestyle.

Thank you 🙂 🙂