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Being an entrepreneur is not easy at all. Particularly, when you are still learning things on your own and have money constraints. I have seen multiple failures when all of my startups failed miserably one after another, leaving me helpless in anxiety.

I learned the best practices to keep myself calm, composed, and positive. This transformed my life completely from hell to heaven. Now, I want to help transform the lives of others with whatever I learned in these years. I love sharing my ideas through this blog to help people grow personally and professionally.

about anubhav kumar

Anubhav Kumar - Founder, The Peaceful Mindset​


Why I started "The Peaceful Mindset"?

When I can transform myself from an unhappy person to a completely happy positive soul, why can’t others?“. The very thought made me write for people who want to lead a peaceful, pleasant, and financially sound life. 

The great thing about sharing knowledge is that you learn more by sharing it with others. It is like a win-win situation where “sharers” grow their knowledge database by allowing the “receivers” to put new ideas into theirs’. This is another solid reason I started this website to help as many people as I can.

Peaceful Mindset

This is how you can get benefited

I promise to share with you all the techniques, resources, books, and people that helped me achieve greatness through articles on this website. I will introduce to you the best tactics, tips, books, influencers, great personalities, and about art of living a happy and peaceful life on my website.

Anubhav kumar corona recovery story

My covid journey: Defeating corona with two superheroes

I was losing my hopes. But every time any negative thought used to enter my mind I used to kick it away saying “My immunity is strong. I am a fitness guy and influence others. I have a strong chest I go out for running. The show must go on”.

I even used the power of visualization and started planning for my future life once I recover.

I made this visualization into a strong belief to suppress my current pain. It gave a strong hope to keep breathing and stay positive.

It took me around 21 days to defeat corona.

The power of meditation and mindfulness

The secret sauce in keeping your mind peaceful and positive is working on your thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness are two tools that help to work on human inner engineering of thoughts and minds, the central unit of humans.

When I learned and applied “meditation and mindfulness” it helped me emerge as a positive being. I am thankful for these two techniques that helped me transform my life entirely. Now I want to help you to learn the power of meditation and mindfulness and apply in your life for peace and prosperity.

Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar

Willingness Meter By Anubhav Kumar

Your personal scale to unlimited happiness with HOTA Guidelines

Willingness Meter is an ebook I wrote to help you learn how to stop worrying, set your life goals and live your life to the fullest. Invented a personal scale aka the ebook Willingness Meter to measure infinite happiness. It is a complete practical book that requires you to take action in a structured way towards fixing your different life issues. A perfect guide for those who want to stop procrastinating and build new habits. The HOTA guidelines shared in the book help you learn a single habit to learn any habit in life. HOTA is the king of all habits.

Following the Willingness Meter and HOTA Guidelines I shared in this ebook I have successfully achieved some of my most difficult life goals, from weight loss success to mental peace to financial success. In short, this is a capsule to unlimited happiness and success. A must read ebook I wrote from my heart to deliver happiness to your heart. Get ready to do the impossible.

Gems on the web

Meet the influencers and thought provokers who have helped me transform my life with unlimited joy.

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Are you excited to transform your life?

Are you ready to take off and land on the land of unlimited happiness and success? Promise to yourself to learn the techniques and tips shared on this website and apply them in your life without fail.

Learning will never be called learning until you share it with others. And, this is how I and everybody else in this world learn things successfully.

Keep in mind; Learn, Apply, and Share.