Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar. Your personal Scale to unlimited happiness

Willingness Meter is an ebook I have written to help you deal with your worries in a very structured manner for a happy and peaceful life. It is a perfect book for those struggling to achieve their short and long term goals, let it be your weight loss goal, financial goal or your goal to have a better lifestyle.

In the ebook, I have explained the lessons with my weight loss success and how I applied the lessons in losing weight successfully. But this does not mean the ebook works only for weight loss. You will better understand once you will proceed through this article. So, let’s get started.

Willingness Meter: Book overview

The reason most people worry a lot in life is because of their unwillingness to understand their worries. Most importantly, most fail to figure out the unlimited potential they already have.

The one who has the capability to explore their unlimited potential, they never play the blame game on doubting themselves.

In today’s world, from a billionaire to a common man everyone has some kind of worries in life. Some have health issues, some have issues of work-life balance, some have financial issues, some have issues of self-awareness, the list is endless. The common issue most have is they fail to have peace of mind in the world of chaos. They hardly take out time to understand themselves and spend some time figuring out what makes them worry and unhappy.

This is the reason I have written this ebook to help people understand their different queries of life and help them come up with the best solution. Willingness Meter will help you to find a solution from the unlimited potential you already have.

Most people are unaware of their unlimited power and waste time thinking of finding a suitable time or situation. They waste their time in sadness procrastinating in life and when things get worst they start losing their peace of mind.

Those who have explored their unlimited potentials like Lord Buddha and many others, they have understood their sole purpose of existence.

The ebook is for everyone whether your a businessman, employee, housewife, student, entrepreneur, mom, dad, etc.

Willingness meter will guide to take a structured way of handling different worries in life to lead a happy life. It is like a personal scale on which you can measure your willingness for a happy life. Willingness meter is like a virtual meter that works in real-time. You need to scale your different worries and it will show your willingness to fix them.

In the last chapter, the ebook has a user manual guide for your personal willingness meter. The set of guidelines is called HOTA guidelines.

About HOTA Guidelines

The HOTA guidelines are the set of steps that will train to build a single most powerful habit to build any habit in life. The guidelines will also help you learn new things in life and build a mindset of a doer and not a talker.

The HOTA stands for Habit of Taking Action and is like the king of all habits. When you had built the habit of taking action in life no other habits will be difficult for you to build. I call HOTA the master of all Habits and is the only habit you will be needing to operate your Willingness Meter.

The guidelines will help you understand your personal Willingness Meter and train you on how to operate it. This is why I called HOTA guidelines a user manual for your Willingness Meter.

With this ebook you get two things, your personal scale to happiness aka willingness meter, and a user manual to operate your meter.

Important points about the willingness meter

I have named this ebook and the lessons in an analogy to a personal scale. So, that you get the feeling of having a virtual scale and get maximum benefits reading and understanding the lessons. So, please do not get confused with any real scale.

I found this analogy to be helpful in understanding my different life worries in a much clear way. And this way, I have worked successfully acting on my worries and found their solution. These solutions changed my life and now I feel like having a peaceful life. I am no more scared of my different life issues and these issues are like opportunities in understanding my unlimited potential.

The HOTA guidelines is like the productivity booster that has helped me bring ideas out of my mind and start executing them effortlessly and with more joy.

Willingness meter is like an invention for me which I have invented while dealing with my different problems in life and spending quality time with myself.

Willingness Meter details

The willingness meter is available online and you can purchase it by visiting the link on the button. You can order your personal scale to unlimited happiness in the ebook form online.

Willingness Meter By Anubhav Kumar