How to find peace of mind and happiness: My transformation story

Everybody in this world has some kind of problems in life. And, with problems comes the sadness and instability in life. Therefore, it is necessary to find peace of mind and keep working towards being a better being.

In this small guide, I will discuss the most effective way you can follow to have peace of mind to increase your productivity and maintain calmness in life.

To find a solution to any problem you need to find the root cause of it.

In most of the cases, I have seen some common sources for having mental distress.

In this article, I will share with you the single most powerful way you can follow to have peace of mind.

My role as an author is to help readers with the best possible solutions and not let them confuse with multiple solutions just for the sake of writing the article.

Causes of mental distress

Most reasons fall into one of these categories below

  1. Family Issues
  2. Professional Issues
  3. Relationship Issues
  4. Study Pressure
  5. Social Issues
  6. Financial Issues
  7. Health Issues

Have you observed a common pattern here in most of the points above?

Most of the reasons above have people around you in common like issues from the family, profession, relationships, society, etc. All have people in common.

So, it is clear that it is not you who are causing trouble to yourself most of the time, but your inability to handle people around you causing your mental worries.

Some people have problems because of their family and relative’s disputes, others have because of studies, financial instability, and bad relationships.

There are some problems you create for yourself because of your poor lifestyle, excuses, and inability to control your thought, like your health.

I am not blaming that it is always you who are responsible for your bad health. Sometimes, it is hereditary or caused to you by others.

Let me share with you the best way to find peace of mind and deal with your thought and people in a better way.

If you are able to control your thought and change your perception towards people and your problems, you will emerge as a better being in no time.

One powerful way to find peace of mind

Here comes your single most powerful tool for your happiness.

Practice Meditation to find peace of mind

Yes, meditation. It is so powerful that you will never need any other ways to find mental peace.

It is a powerful tool that allows you to disconnect with all “unnecessary thoughts”, people, worries, and pain and focus on your inner soul for that moment.

Your soul has no pain, no structure, no thoughts, and no worries and is the only right point to focus.

You can not focus on something which is trying to deviate you. Your soul is structureless and thoughtless, so it is the perfect point to focus on.

Power of meditation

Meditation is not easy at all and will only come through the right practice and self-belief.

For the first few days, you might find it difficult to practice but soon with the regular practice, you can do it.

I must tell you if you are doing this effectively, you will not look for any other advice ever in life.

Meditation is the best source of self-awareness and enough to answer your queries.

If you want to find peace of mind, find the right way to practice meditation and start doing it from today.

Take Action: Start practicing meditation early in the morning every day. Wake up early and devote at least 15 minutes meditating. You will find its effectiveness in the first week itself.

I am saying this to you because I have seen its effectiveness in my life when I was going through hardships in my life.

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My small story of hardships and failures

I was a happy guy until I graduated and completed my degree in computer science.

Then comes the phase of the job hunt and struggle for the food and shelter.

The storm of responsibilities has entered my life from nowhere and in no time.

In a matter of a few months, I had grown up from a tension-free happy boy to a responsible man.

For the next 1.5 years, I struggled to find a job. After many trials, finally cracked my first interview and got the job.

This job came to me like an angel in my life as if I got everything with it.

Even though my salary was just near to $150, I was feeling like a happy soul.

Soon I realized I am getting too low and was finding it difficult to pay my monthly expenses.

Whatever I was earning was not enough to fuel my life to run it properly.

After working for another 8 months in the year 2014, I finally made my mind to quit my job and start something on my own.

My life as an entrepreneur

I choose the path of entrepreneurship and thought to be my own boss.

Initially, it was looking so exciting to start a business but soon my life changed not with success but with a series of failures.

Neither I was having enough savings nor skills to start a business.

I thought to work on my skills and started learning programming languages and started a small business of web and app development as a solopreneur.

I was having the dream to start an online business and for that, I needed good coding skills and team.

So, I thought to work for some local clients so that I could learn more about coding doing some small real-time projects.

I carried on like this for 11 months and next thought to work on my idea.

Slowly, I started working on my project all alone working for more than 15 hours a day.

I completed my project working my as* off in the next 10 months.

When I launched my project in the market I was needing more money and a good team.

Neither I got the money nor the team and failed miserably. I broke apart mentally and taken a complete month to come over it.

I recollected my hopes and thought of starting a new business again, this time restaurant.

One more failure was waiting in my way when my restaurant business failed due to the wrong selection of the location.

I failed thrice with my previous business, my web and app development company closed, my online business idea failed and now this restaurant.

I was feeling like I have wasted my time and started cursing myself for not having money and a job.

The entry of sadness in my life

For the next 3 months, I had terrible days and had sleepless nights.

I was diagnosed with some issues in my liver and had suffered from kidney stones as well.

I became more introvert and feeling as if I am the biggest loser, financially, morally and health-wise.

Not only this, my sitting habits due to coding and heavy computer usage made me put a lot of weight.

I was almost 84 kilograms by then.

Nothing seems to be working my way.

I was looking for a way to work on myself and these different problems in my life.

I thought to improve my quality of life, and after a few research found meditation to be the perfect pill to peace in life.

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The entry of meditation in my life

Got the magic pill to peace of mind with meditation.

And then, I started practicing meditation to emerge as a better being and gain my lost confidence.

Meditation allowed me to spend more time with myself all alone.

With my mental peace, I got the answer to my worries from somewhere within me and was able to grow my confidence and power of self-belief many folds.

My problems are still the same today but the only difference between what I was before and what I am today is self-awareness.

I redefined myself on my own terms and not on the basis of my circumstances.

With meditation, I was able to achieve small successes in life.

This is how I found peace of mind

  1. I worked on my soaring weight and bring it down to 65 kgs from 84 in a matter of 3.5 months.
  2. I developed the habit of healthy living with the right diet and drinking plenty of water.
  3. With regular intake of water, my kidney stone vanished without any surgery.
  4. My good eating habits not only solved my kidney and obesity issues but my fatty liver also got improved.
  5. These small successes helped me gain more hopes and confidence in my life.
  6. With this confidence, I am no more an introvert guy and I started meeting new people offline and online.
  7. I changed my perception towards people, my problems and most importantly myself.

You can see the below image of my weight loss transformation.

find peace of mind

Problems will always be there. It is not your problems causing distress to peace of your mind but your “perception” towards your problems, people and life.

Anubhav Kumar

If you want to know how to find peace of mind, you need to know how to be happy in life.

There are certain things you can do to be happy and live life to the fullest.

Sometimes, you need to fool your mind with positivity in the time of your hardships.

Your small positive actions to happiness can lead to instant relief and positivity.

I have listed down all the motivating peace of mind quotes in another article. You can read them here

Action for happiness

Here are some tips and actions you can take for happiness in life.

It is true that you can not always ignore your problems but you can always ignore your sadness and accept happiness.

But in reality, it seems a little difficult for many to practice ignoring sadness to find peace of mind.

I will tell you some best ways to feel happy and start doing today. You will not find it difficult to practice at all.

Here is the list of things to do which I always follow and ask others to do so.

Focus on your hobbies to find peace of mind

People are so busy doing their office and household work that they often forget about acting on their hobbies.

The magic to ignoring sadness is to engage yourself in some kind of interesting things.

And, there is nothing like your own hobbies you must start acting upon.

I love writing, music and reading stories. So whenever I feel demotivated, I start writing and reading articles on the internet.

I love reading articles and videos by MINDVALLEY creators.

So, never ever forget acting on your hobbies which is the best way to feel happy and positive.

Bring your inner author in you outside

Everyone in this world has something to share. Every story has something to learn from.

So, why not write your own story and experience and share to the world.

This is another best way to feel positive and engage in some productive activity.

Like I always say, if you want to be happy, engage yourself as much as you can.

Take action: Start a blog or social media page and share your life experience with others.

Meet new people

Meeting new people and exchanging ideas is really great for happiness and helpful in growing your network.

Sometimes, you need someone to listen to you and even learn from other’s life stories,

If you will open up and meet new people it will help you boost your confidence and increase your chances of success in life.

Take Action: Try to find new people, maybe online or offline and start interacting with them. If you find something interesting in them to learn from, invite them for the meetup or have a conversation over call or message.

Engage in fitness activities

There is nothing better you can do to yourself than acting on your fitness to have a healthy lifestyle.

I always put fitness on top priority, not just for motivation but see it as a way of living life.

If you work on your fitness it will healthier for your mind and body.

You will have less time thinking about your worries and more to act on something good in life.

Take Action: Buy new shoes or a track pant and go out for running at least 5KMs a day. It will help you invest your time in much better way

There are many other actions you can take for happiness. I will write it someday in another article in detail.

The conclusion to find peace of mind

I hope, by now you must have understood the power of meditation and your engagement in some productive work to help you find peace of mind.

The secret mantra to live a happy and satisfying life is to work on yourself for a better being and improving your quality of life.

Do not forget to take action I shared in this post and smile every time you feel low.

If you like this article, please put your thought below in the comment. It will motivate me to write more useful articles and add value.

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