Review Think Like A Monk Book By Jay Shetty

Think like a monk” is the first-ever book by Jay Shetty. In this article, I will introduce you to the book, author and review think like a monk.

Here comes the review of think like a monk book.

About The Book, Think Like A Monk

As the title of the book describes, it focuses you to think like a monk to cater to negative thinking, anxiety and overthinking.

If you are looking to find a way to peace of mind, self-awareness, and happiness, this book by Jay Shetty is the perfect guide for you.

Many of the readers have pre-ordered this book in different formats available.

As per the recent podcast of Jay Shetty, this book “THINK LIKE A MONK – TRAIN YOUR MIND FOR PEACE & PURPOSE EVERY DAY” has become

  • The Number 1 best selling book in India and United Kindom
  • Number 5 best selling book in the United States.
  • Number 1 best selling book in Meditation Category.

This book has got lots of love because of its intriguing title, “Think Like A Monk”.

He revealed his reasons behind writing this book and why one should think like a monk.

He stated many of us live in a world where there is lots of pressure, pain, and stress.

And there is a need for something or someone that can help us emerge as a better being.

As a meditation practitioner, Jay felt that “Monks” are people who have a better understanding of controlling thoughts, peace of mind, and happiness.

Some topics covered in the book

This book will also help you handle toxicity at work, relationships, family, and handle people for the same.

The author emphasized to think like a monk to handle toxicity around you and safeguard yourself.

In another topic in the book, he talked about healing anxiety and pain from the past.

In one of the sections, he described creating daily morning and evening routines, transforming daily habits.

The author beautifully explained how false ego can degrade your quality of life and is a roadblock to success.

This book will also help you develop a gratitude practice and sharing it with people around you.

The author also explained about finding and developing true compatibility in a relationship in one of his midsection of the book.

In the last two sections, the author described the importance of service (goal of being a monk) and meditation.

In the meditation section, he talked about how to do meditation and 3 steps to do it successfully.

How To Purchase The Book

This book is releasing on April 14, 2020. Pre-order is available till then.

Think like a monk price

This book will cost you only $16.20.

It is available in audio, physical, and digital format. You can purchase or pre-order this book from the following link below.

Note: Here is the link to purchase this book based on your country of origin.

Country of originPurchase Link
United KingdomOrder here
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Audio CD: Order here

About The Author, Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is the Internet personality and is the author of the book “Think Like a Monk” and is his first-ever book.

He is known for making some of the best viral videos on Social Media. In 2018, he created Facebook’s most viewed video.

From his early life, he is practicing meditation and keeps sharing his thoughts on self-help, productivity, relationships, etc.

In 2017, Jay was named for Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe and also awarded with Asian Media Awards 2016 Best Blog in 2016.

He is known for creating more than 400 viral videos receiving about 5 billion views.

In 2018, he was awarded the Best Health and Wellness Creator and able to knock prestigious Streamy and Shorty Awards

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Think Like A Monk Review – Conclusion

If you are looking to read the best book on self-help, self-awareness, and productivity, “think like a monk” book is the best guide for you.

In this stressful life, “self-awareness and peace of mind” are necessary and it can not be ignored for inner peace.

Therefore, it becomes important for us to find the best source of information to live life to the fullest.

And, this book comes handy to work on different areas of our life for a better being.

I hope, this book will change the way you see your life and most importantly yourself.

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