How to let your thoughts follow you?

When it comes to finding an answer to how to control mind and thoughts, it is not easy to find an answer until and unless one is ready to understand his/her mind.

We need to understand how our thoughts work and why it keeps wandering.

One day, I tried to get the answer. But this time, I asked myself rather than asking someone else.

I believe, there is no better teacher in this world than you.

So, here are my findings.

How to control mind?

To answer this question I asked a few questions to myself?

Can I make a hungry dog follow my instructions being a stranger?

  • It depends.

Why the dog will follow my instructions?

  • I have something that will help this dog to stop wandering for the things he is searching around.

What is the dog looking for around?

  • He is looking for food to feed his hunger.

Will, the dog follow me if I feed him food that I have?

  • It depends. If I feed him the food just with an intention to catch him, he will resist. But if I feed the food with love and care, he will not just follow my instructions but fall in love with me.

The same thing happens to our minds. Our thoughts always keep wandering in a search of answers (food) here and there. 

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More we try to catch our thoughts, more it will try to slip out of you. It will always try to resist your orders just like that hungry dog.

If you try to catch a hungry dog, it is not easy for you to catch him to follow your instructions. Try to feed the dog some food with love and care and see the magic happening with the time.

Same way, if you want to control your hungry thoughts, feed your thought the foods (information and solution) it is searching for around. 

But where to find food for my thoughts?

The truth is that we have the complete package of food that lies within us to feed our thoughts. It is our myth that food is kept outside of us. We keep fooling our minds searching for an answer outside.

Your thoughts will follow your instructions if you will convince that the huge encyclopedia of information lies within you. Do not look for peace searching outside in others.

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Never ever run behind catching your thoughts to control it. End of the day, if it is not satisfied it will keep on running away from you in search of food.

Our minds keep wandering here and there in search of different answers for peace and satisfaction in life, just like an unhappy hungry street dog.

It keeps running for different solutions asking different people, searching in books, etc.

How to control mind – Final Thoughts

Most of the time, we end up confusing our minds, hurting ourselves, arguing with others in search of a perfect answer.

In the worst condition, we reach a level of extent where we start losing our peace of mind and our thoughts become completely restless.

Just remember, we all have unlimited terabytes of information within us. God has equipped everyone with an internal library

You can only enter this library if you keep your eyes closed, sit calm and poised, and then pick the right book for your query from the internal library.

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