How to feel always confident and happy in life?

How to feel always confident and happy in life?

Short answer – Problems are part of human life. People connect problems with sadness and solutions with happiness. But, the truth is that there is no value of happiness if there is no sadness in life.

Long answer with my short story:

I was a happy guy till my graduation (year, 2012) and spent my 4 years of engineering living my life. I was a mediocre guy in studies and used to clear my papers in one night of preparation.

My classmate sometimes used to make fun of me thinking I am poor in studies. On the other side, some of my hostel mates gave me the title of the coolest boy in the hostel because I used to rarely worry about my exams or anything in life. Sometimes, I used to skip my papers and used that time traveling places.

I had only scored good marks in my first semester and rest 7 semesters were average with some back papers. I remember I had scored highest in my first internal exam and other toppers started taking me as their direct competition. But I made their life easy allowing them to be toppers for the next 7 semesters. I wanted to explore myself in a different way spending quality time.

Some of the toppers never believed me that I was the same guy who scored highest in the first semester and now struggling to clear the papers for the next 7 semesters. HAHAHA! They were taking my part of the tension.

In the year 2012, when we were in the final year of engineering, everybody was bothered about placement. I was the least bothered because I was knowing that I will not be allowed to attend the interviews as my scores were just average and that too with some back papers.

Fortunately, a good company came to our college and made no minimum criteria to attend the interviews. I was feeling like at the top of the world when I heard that. The only problem was that it was a pool campus. That means, there were multiple colleges gonna participate. And the worst part was that they had only 30 vacancies.

I saw all toppers who got placed still participating in that interview making competition tougher. I used my first-semester energy to put into the last semester of my engineering degree. HAHAHA! I prepared well for that interview and made my mind to crack that interview.

Interview day came and there were like torrents of students everywhere (around 250 for 30 vacancies). There were 3 rounds for the selection process. I cleared the first round and when I came out of the room, my college mates and particularly all those toppers who got rejected were feeling like that they had lost all their senses. They were like, how can a guy with so many backs can clear the interview.

It was the second round and everybody was feeling nervous. I attended the second round and they gave us some 10 questions. When I was writing my papers one of the invigilators stood beside me looking at my paper. He looked for some time and then patted my back and moved ahead.

When the result came there were only 50 students selected out of ~250 and I was there on the list. My friends waiting outside got a 10000 volt of current when they heard that I made through the second round as well. Half-heartedly, they congratulated me.

Now, it was the final round, and they started the interview process. In the interview, I performed well and spoke my heart and gave them a solid reason of my poor score. They believed in me and were very impressed onboarding me.

I made through all the rounds and I got the highest package in the college being a mediocre guy at studies. My college hung the photographs of the selected students and I was shining there like a superstar. HAHAHA!

Everybody was surprised to see me on the list and I was feeling like a celebrity. I became a source of inspiration for many people particularly those who were poor at studies like me. HAHAHA!

Some people asked how did you clear the interview being poor at studies. I replied I got selected because I am good at studying this world and the people around me in real-time. For me, real-time studies are the toughest studies in the world. For 4 years I was preparing for my toughest papers. HAHAHA!

But the sad news happened in the end when that company changed their mind saying that they had hired for the next year. It means, we need to wait for one year to join them. But that day never came but I had nothing to lose in the end. My dream was never to be an employee but to be my own boss.

I have invented my own way of handling different worries in life and find hidden happiness from worries. Wrote an ebook and shared my way to see different worries and find solutions in a very structured way. My ebook is called Willingness METER with my HOTA guidelines. Click on the book cover to read how this ebook can help you live your life to the fullest

If you want to know how my life going on post my engineering then comment below ( Here is short overview my post engineering story: Read Here)

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