Law of attraction success story. 2 success stories (The Secret)

You are about to read something powerful, something amazing, and something highly secret; the law of attraction, and my weight loss success story.

Who said that the law of attraction does’t exist? This is how I used the law of attraction to lose my weight.

I am sure after reading my success story you will better understand the law of attraction to achieve anything in life. Let it be a financial or business success, relationship success, or even weight loss success.

The law of attraction requires you to do certain things in a definite way to achieve your goals. When you understand it and put the lesson into practice, I am sure you will start seeing results in no time.

The best way to teach something and make it clear is to cite some examples. Therefore, I will share my law of attraction weight loss success story.

My Law of attraction success story begins

So, let’s get started with my weight loss story and how the law of attraction helped me connect all the dots.

My first encounter with the law of attraction

I was first introduced to the law of attraction by one of my friends in 2011 during my college days. He showed me a documentary titled “The Secret” and insisted me to watch it as he found worth sharing it.

We were sitting in our hostel room and my friend played the documentary. For the first few minutes, I was completely confused as to what people in the video are trying to convey.

My friend asked me to keep quiet and keep watching the video. As the video proceeded, I realized that I am listening to something really amazing, and yes, highly secret that I had never heard before.

I was so intrigued by the whole story that for the next few days I was thinking nothing but the law of affirmation. Post that video my way of thinking changed like anything, and I really mean it. I was like, I got the highly secret tool to achieve anything in life.

To make the summary of that story into a small formula I created a small equation. Below is my equation that is easy to remember and understand the law of attraction.

Dream + Belief + Action = Reality

Anubhav Kumar

This formula comes handy to me in case I feel negative or demotivated starting any new projects in my life. This equation has helped me remind me about the law of affirmation every time I feel like forgetting it.

The same formula mentioned above had helped me when I was struggling to lose weight and almost forget about the law of attraction.

Applying the law of attraction for weight loss success

Post my graduation I was completely lost into the world of the job hunt and career building. After my engineering, I went wild shaping my career and finding a suitable job for myself.

I got my job after 1.5 years of hunting and finally I was living an unpeaceful life. Hahaha!

Yes, unpeaceful, because I got a job I was not actually had dreamt about. I was getting too low and finding it hard to survive in an expensive city.

I decided to quit my job and do something of my own. I chose the path of entrepreneurship. The path was satisfying to me but at the same time painful.

I used to sit in front of my computer for more than 15 hours a day in four walls building my dream project. But in excitement, I was doing one thing very wrong. I had completely forgotten about my fitness. And, in 2 years, I gained around 15 to 16 kilograms of weight.

I hardly used to take out time to go for a walk or do any sort of workouts. I was doing just three things in my life: Work, Eat and Go to bed at night.

When I completed my project after one year of harsh struggle I finally gained two things: my weight and project failure. Hahaha!

I failed miserably and in the next few months, I was diagnosed with anxiety. My anxiety and soaring weight were making my life near to hell.

One fine day when I was sitting alone in my room turning the pages of my old notebook, I saw an equation on the back of my notebook. And that equation says “Dream + Belief + Action = Reality“, my very own equation that I had almost forgotten in the world of chaos.

The equation flashed back the college room and about the law of attraction documentary. I was filled with joy the moment I reminded myself about the law. Thanks! to my handy equation.

I got really serious and planned to work on my problems one by one. I decided to work on my soaring weight which I was finding difficult to lose for the past 5 years. I used to hate my body, lifestyle, and appearance.

I had tried multiple times to control my weight like joining the gym, go out for a walk, doing yoga, etc. But I failed every time I tried working on my body due to lack of motivation and purpose.

This time I decided to work on my weight a different way, and that way was using the power of affirmation and visualization to lose weight.

Never forget to read these guides to put wings to your thoughts.

Below are things I did in order to equip my weight loss journey with the law of attraction for weight loss success.

Things I did for the law of attraction to work before my weight loss success story

Here are important things I did before starting my weight loss journey and make the law of attraction and visualization work.

  1. The first thing that I did was close my eyes and feel like I already had reached my weight loss goal. I visualized my weighing machine showing my target weight. I used to do this every day in the morning after I woke up, before and during my workout sessions, and at night before sleep. This helped me pave a strong path to my dream.
  2. I bought a medium-sized Tshirt and hung it in front of my bed. I was wearing XL size back then. This helped me keep reminding about my goal Tshirt Size. This helped me feel my goal in real-time so close to my eyes.
  3. I wrote on a piece of paper my target weight and duration. This helped me add purpose to my goal which I was feeling lacking drastically. This is very much required for the law of attraction work. Be very specific to your goals. For me it was, losing 17 kilograms in 4 months.
  4. I changed my mobile and desktop wallpapers with a collage of people’s before and after weight loss images. I also put my own pic one side and the other side wrote my target weight and “coming soon” message. I still have that pic on my Instagram as well.
  5. I put my weight loss progress live with people on social media (Instagram) to challenge myself and be true to my goal. The more I motivated my followers, the more I motivated myself to reach my goal.
  6. I started reading articles, books, watching videos on self-motivation, and fitness. I also followed some fitness influencers on social media. So that whenever I scroll through my feed I only see the topic related to fitness. I even unfollowed all other unnecessary accounts I was following.
  7. Before workout, I used to see myself in the mirror and say I will soon meet you with my dream body. This helped me boost my confidence and put a strong belief towards my goal.

Above are some of the things I was doing to put the law of attraction to work for weight loss. I was very punctual about everything I mentioned above in the points.

Here is my weight loss progress pic I had posted back then on my instagram during my weight loss journey.

This is how the law of attraction started working for me

Dots started connecting to help me reach my weight loss goal.

The weight loss target and duration I was writing on a piece of paper was replaced by an app I discovered unknowingly when scrolling through my feeds on Facebook. That app was about recording calories, diets, and workouts.

I installed the app on my mobile and the first thing the app asked is my weight loss target and gave me a rough duration for that weight loss to be achieved. So, instead of recording on a piece of paper, I got something useful to record my progress in real-time. (See how point #3 above got connected here )

Below is the app on which I was recording my weight loss progress.

That app also helped me record my daily calories intake and calories burnt. I used to record and follow my diet without fail every day. My Instagram accounts also had started increasing when I used to talk about my weight loss progress with people using that app. I used to post my weight loss progress with pics with people and this is how I kept my weight loss progress and talks intact. (See how point #5 above got connected here)

Some people were so curious to know about my weight loss progress that they keep insisting me to keep posting pics every week. More they insisted, more I was getting a reason to click pics in front of the mirror and say to myself “soon I will meet with my dream body”. (See how the last point above got connected here)

Below is the poem I used to repeat to myself while facing my mirror.

“Mirror mirror on the wall. I’ll always get up after I fall and whether I run, walk or crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.”


With the hard work and with help of law of attraction (that had helped me connect dots) I lost finally 17 kilograms in about 4 months. When I finally saw my target weight on my weighing machine, my tears rolled down all the way to my weighing machine, reminding me of the thing I did in the first place before starting my weight loss journey: the power of visualization and belief. (See how the very first point above got connected finally turning my dream into reality)

That day I was full of life waiting eagerly for something I wished to do after I reach my weight loss goal. Yes, you got it right. The M-Sized T-shirt hanging on the wall. I took off the shirt out of the hanger and wore it. The feeling of satisfaction and achievement thrilled my nerves. Finally, I was wearing my dream size T-shirt.

From watching “The Secret” to getting featured on “The Secret”

The best day of my life arrived in the form of a post on Instagram and an article. The Secret that I watched for the first time during my college days was not just a movie for me. But, it was like a secret mantra I got from the different characters and the sole message of the movie.

Every word in “The Secret” movie and the books was making me feel like I was not just a viewer or a reader but a character in the movie and the books. With time, my belief towards “The Secret” and its message was getting stronger.

The Secret

I wanted to say them a thank you for their work in the movie and the book. They helped me visualize and realize things before I achieve them. Rhonda Byrne is the secret mind behind “The Secret” magic and I will never forget her in my whole life for her commendable work.

The power of affirmation not only helped me lose weight, but this also helped me get closer to “The Secret” team. I had watched the movie and read the book with the highest belief that one day my story will be published on “The Secret”.

The first step of me getting closer to them arrived in the form of my secret weight loss story on their platform. Since my college days, I took “The Secret” message very seriously and applied every time I needed it.

My first virtual encounter (during my college days) with “The Secret” was their movie. Here is my recent first real-time encounter with “The Secret” team itself, as my secret story on their platform. Below is the Instagram post by the team “The Secret” about my “law of attraction weight loss story” on their website.

With the law of attraction, as per the Secret Book, I had not only lost weight but my affirmation has brought me a step closer to them. I proved myself twice that the law of attraction works in achieving anything in life. I want to Thank Rhona Byrne for the infinite times, the creator of “The Secret Movie” and the books.

I am still on my multiple projects to prove the law of attraction works. I am the subject of my experiments. Hahaha!. I will keep you all updated with my new law of attraction success story. Wish my projects succeed. So, I could help more people around the globe for a successful life.

I am eagerly waiting for the upcoming secret movie that is coming live on 31st July 2020 titled “The Secret Dare to Dream”. A highly recommended movie. I am thinking to write a review of the movie in the future.

Below is the trailer of the movie: “The Secret Dare to Dream”

Conclusion: Law of attraction success story

I must say, the two incidents made my belief towards the law of attraction increase multifold. The law of attraction in true sense is the science of achieving anything in life. We have been practicing negative things, knowingly or unknowingly, and this is why we receive negative things in life.

I asked for positive results, so I got a positive response. Before starting my weight loss journey, I had always criticized and blamed my body, so I was only getting a negative response. When I had shifted my thought in a positive direction, something inside me started pushing me towards the right path to my goal.

Before, I was just wishing for a fit body but never had believed in myself. For the law of attraction to work you have to believe and not just wish. And, you will slowly see dots getting connected automatically to make your belief turn into reality.

If you liked my story you can share with your friends. I pray for your success and never ending joy in your life 🙂