How to stop overthinking? A guide to stop worrying

Hmm! So, you want to stop overthinking and start living your life to the fullest. I must appreciate that you made a move towards finding an answer.

In this small guide, I will share with you all the tips to stop overthinking and worrying in life.

Overdoing anything in life is not good. The whole universe operates on the principle of balancing and so is true with our thoughts.

A good balance of all human emotions balances our life in a much better way.

What is overthing?

Overthinking is the act of holding a thought for an extended period of time.

It has become like a disease for many leading them to suffer from anxiety and depression. Overthinking may imbalance your emotions and leads you to negative feelings.

Working on your thoughts and emotions are like the art of practicing the inner engineering of our mind and handling it efficiently.

To balance and have control over your thoughts you need to be an engineer of your mind (thoughts and emotions).

Not just an engineer but you have to be a doctor of your mind as well to heal yourself from undesired thoughts and emotions.

Well! We all are a doctor and engineer of our mind. The only problem with us is that we often forget to exercise our natural professions.

Anubhav Kumar

How to stop overthinking and worrying?

Below are some best tips you can follow in life to stop overthinking and find a cure for your different worries.

I will also share with you my ebook that will help you to deal with your worries in life in a very structured way.

Here are six ways to stop overthinking:

1. Be mindful to stop overthinking

Yes, be mindful if you want to say no to overthinking. I must say mindfulness and meditation gave me the power to be happy and share happiness with you today.

I will share about meditation in the next point. So, let me discuss mindfulness first.

Why being in present is so important in life?

We, humans, have the greatest gift that God has gifted to us and that is our mind-body system. Our mind has the capability to travel in the past, present, and future.

But the truth is that out of these three-time variants, namely – past, present, and future, our mind lets us live in real-time being in the present.

In the case of the future and past, our mind makes us live in a virtual time frame, not real.

Most of the time, we fail to operate our mind-body system in the correct way making an easy path to unhappiness.

We let our bodies live in the present and minds either in the past or in the future.

We fail to see the real world and the people in the present.

For some people living in a virtual world become a habit and overthinking become part of their life.

So, the very first step towards controlling your thoughts should be practicing being in the present.

Mindfulness is like bliss to humanity helping you to be always happy in a very effective way.

I am sure the below article on mindfulness will help you train your mind being in the present.

I strongly recommend you go through the below article on mindfulness.

How to practice Mindfulness: A guide

2. Embrace meditation and be the master of your own mind

The name meditation in itself is so soothing to call. Now, imagine how your life could change if you are able to practice meditation to stop overthinking.

I am not here just to complete my article writing the same thing everyone is already aware.

My motive for writing this article is to educate you to live life on your own terms and the way you want it to be.

So, I would highly recommend you to educate yourself about meditation first then start practicing it.

Without knowing what you are practicing it is actually hard for you to continue in the long run.

So, better educate yourself about meditation by reading articles, books, videos, courses, etc.

Once, you know the tool later you can use it effectively to fix your different life issues.

I have an article for you on meditation to help you understand its effect in a much better way.

Read the below article on meditation first and then you can come back to this article.

The power of meditation and mindfulness

3. Know your worries and start acting on them to stop overthinking

Thank me now. I got you the main culprit of your unhappiness, the bad guys, your worries.

Yes, your worries are the main culprit causing instability in life. They are like demons that you always surround yourself, knowingly or unknowingly.

Most of us do not know what is actually bothering us and we keep making our life miserable in sadness.

There could be multiple sources of worries in life ranging from finance to family to health.

In the absence of awareness, we fail to find out the different sources of our worries and start overthinking.

To achieve any goal in life we need a solid plan and strategy in hand. With the plan in hand, we can execute them effectively by making the right moves.

The same is true with our life worries. If you want to stop overthinking it is important to have a plan to work on different worries in life.

This is why I wrote a complete ebook to help you effectively understand and act on your worries.

The ebook will train you to plan to stop worrying and overthinking in a very structured manner.

A highly recommended ebook for you. I am sure this ebook will help you a lot in life.

Get an overview of the ebook below in the link.

Willingness Meter Cover

Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar. Your personal Scale to unlimited happiness

4. Engage yourself. Your hobbies are the best thing to engage

Believe me or not, but your hobbies can rescue you from the ill effects of overthinking and motivate you to stop doing it.

Acting on your hobbies is the best way to engage your thought in some productive works.

Your hobbies are your interests and you enjoy doing them.

It is easy for you to engage yourself in doing what you love. An empty mind is like a devil that can eat up your productivity by spending your time on unnecessary stuff.

The best cure to fight down this devil is to engage yourself in some productive works.

And there could not be a better option than your own hobbies for your productive engagements.

It’s time to act on your hobbies and allow yourself to spend some quality time with yourself.

I never fail to do the things I love the most. Reading, writing, music, traveling, learning new things, etc are my hobbies and this is how I save myself from overthinking in life.

Here are my small story and example that will you motivated to feel always confident in life and never spend time doubting your inbuild capabilities.

Read once and forget overthinking in life: How to feel always confident and happy in life?

5. Build good habits with HOTA guidelines

Most people are habitual of procrastination waiting for some suitable time and situation.

In the process, we waste a lot of time overthinking in the hope of finding a desirable situation.

Let me tell you, the best time is right now. Yes, right now.

We want a lot of new good habits to build in life but not all actually take the very first step towards building one.

You might be wondering what “building a habit” has to do with overthinking.

The answer is, if you spend time building new habits in life, you spend less time overthinking. And thus, you help yourself worrying less.

Most people delay taking actions in life and get lost in the world of talkers.

I want to take you out from the world of talkers and put you into a world of only a handful of people who are doers.

I had built a universal guideline called HOTA guidelines and shared in my ebook, The Willingness Meter.

The HOTA guidelines are steps you can follow to build a single most powerful habit called HOTA to build any habit in life.

In short, HOTA is the king of all habits in life that can train you to be a doer, not a talker.

I strongly recommend you following the HOTA guidelines I shared in my ebook to build a mindset of a doer and not a talker.

6. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle

This should be on the top priority if you want to have a better lifestyle and at the same time engage in some productive works.

Fitness is not only good for your physical fitness but mental fitness as well.

It will cut off your engagement on unnecessary thought by keeping your mind and body engaged in fitness activities.

And thus keep you safe from overthinking and stop it completely.

Fitness is part of my life and it has helped me overcome stress.

I was obese for more than 8 years due to which I had other health issues causing my mental distress.

When I embraced fitness and worked on my soaring weight by bringing it down to 65 KG from 84 KG I was living my life with confidence.

It is because of fitness I was able to redefine my life and living it the way I wanted to live.

I stopped overthinking completely and fitness has played the most important role in it.

I am sure you will get an idea about how fitness has changed my life. Read here: my weight loss story.


I am sure the tips I shared above will definitely help you stop overthinking in life.

You can stop worrying and overthinking in life if you keep yourself engaged in some productive work.

Mindfulness, meditation, fitness, building new habits, your hobbies are some of the best things to keep yourself engaged and say no to overthinking.

Below are some books I recommend you reading once

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