7 tips for writing anything to inspire your creativity

Here are the 7 best writing tips you can follow for your creative writing and stay energetic while you write.

One can be a writer but not everyone can write well until they stay active and positive to get fresh ideas.

When I say active, I mean your mind should be calm and composed to stay concentrated on your writing. If your mind is relaxed you will automatically start receiving hidden great ideas from within you.

Tips for writing

So, here are some of the best tips for writing (Books, blogs, social media posts, etc) which I always follow and inspire others to do so.

Find a pleasant space to write

A pleasant space where you always love spending time with yourself to get creative ideas. This place could be your study room, bedroom, coffee shops in the park, or even a terrace.

More friendly are you with your surroundings happier will be your mind to generate more writing ideas.

Avoid getting distracted.

Before writing, make sure you have everything you need for writing, accessible. It is not a good practice to get yourself distract from writing every now and then.

I always make sure that I have my note pad, pen, whiteboard, my laptop, water bottle, etc around me. It does not mean, I sit continuously for hours. I will discuss it in the below points.

Be present and focused

Now its time to relax and calm down your mind from all the unnecessary noises. Sit straight, close your eyes, and do mindful meditation for 2 to 5 minutes to focus your mind.

If you are wondering what mindfulness meditation is, then read this article here. – How to practice Mindfulness. A guide

Here is another guide that will definitely help you stay focused and feel positive.

How to find peace of mind and happiness: Only one way you need to follow

I sit for 2 to 5 minutes straight, eyes closed to relax my mind & concentrate on my present work. This is a very important step and you should not miss it out.

Play music if needed

My energy & motivation multiples when I play some music based on the type of content I am writing – motivational, peaceful, romantic, happiness, etc.

This is a personal choice. If you feel motivated surrounded by some soothing music to get some creative ideas, you can try this next time. I hope many of you must be already doing this.

Make a commitment

If you are serious about writing, you should always respect your writing. And, making a commitment to write in a timely manner is the way to show your respect.

Make a commitment to write at least 1000 words a day or whatever number of words you feel comfortable with writing. But make sure to hit your target words per day.

Bring a cup of coffee

Yes, I do not forget to have a cup of coffee, tea, or green tea to help my brain stay active. This is optional. If you like taking caffeine to stay awake, you can drink to keep yourself active for that moment.

Sometimes looking at your favorite coffee mug can help you with your eureka moment. Hahaha

Take a break

Every two paragraphs I give a little break to myself to relax my mind to get more ideas. Walk around in the room or just sit with my eyes closed for a moment.

If you take a little break in between, it will help you to keep motivated in the long run.

writing tips

Takeaway: Tips for writing great content.

I hope these writing tips will help you come up with more creative ideas. Keep in mind that all steps mentioned above are somewhere related to relaxing your mind and your body.

Once your mind and body are relaxed you feel more focussed and interested in your current work. More you enjoy writings more creative ideas will come to you.

A self-help book for you: Think Like A Monk Book By Jay Shetty

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