How to improve communication skills? 10 tips to follow.

If your poor communication skills hampering your confidence at work, job hunt, or in a relationship, these tips on how to improve communication skills will help you for sure.

One with good interpersonal skills enjoys the fruits of success and love. And, effective communication is the basic ingredient to have better interpersonal skills.

What is communication?

Communication has a sender, message, and receiver. And a process that facilitates a message to flow effectively without any noise across the medium of transmission is called effective communication.

The above statement may sound little technical to you but this is how every communication happens whether it is human or machine.

If you want to be an effective communicator you have to listen to your receiver carefully, interpret his/her message rightfully, and send your response accordingly.

Below are some tips you can follow to improve your communication skills.

How to improve communication skills?

Here are 10 tips to improve communication skills.

  • Listen (and not just hear) to the person you are speaking with.
  • Look (not all the time) at a person’s eyes when talking.
  • Understand the soul of the message and not just words.
  • Being sympathetic and empathetic will make you a great communicator.
  • Do not interrupt the person when he/she is speaking.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence to add life to your communication.
  • People are more likely to get interested in your talk if you ask a question related to the person. For example, about their dream, hobbies, achievements, etc.
  • It is always a great idea to wear a smile while you talk. But you should know what expression to show when.
  • Do not be too loud or too slow with your tone. You should know to pitch your tone effectively.
  • Do not change the topic frequently, particularly when the person is taking an interest.

Take your communication skill to the next level with mindfulness and peace of mind. Here are some guides for you:

how to improve communication skills

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Above are some of the important points you can follow to improve your communication skills. That said, there are still many other areas that need to be covered, particularly effective listening, body language, emotional intelligence, etc.

If want me to write a detailed article on each topic individually then let me know in the comment.