You are amazing quotes for a wonderful 2023

You are amazing quotes are the best quotes one can share with your dear ones. These amazing quotes are really amazing for your wonderful relationship, let it be husband-wife, family members, friendship or girlfriend, and boyfriend.

So, let’s get started with some of the best “You are amazing quotes” to inspire yourself for a better relationship and love life.

You are amazing quotes for him

“You are amazing, the love of my life, my heartbeats; in short, you are my everything.”

“When I searched the dictionary of love, I found the meaning of amazing is “YOU”.”

“No word can define your beauty, not even the word “Amazing”. You are more than Amazing for me.”

“You are an amazing person because the day you entered my life I see only amazing things happening around.”

“The world has seen only 8 wonders of the world but I have seen 9, you are my 9th wonder. “

“I have fallen in love with the word amazing the day you entered my life.”

“No one can replace you as the most amazing person in this world, not even the Guinness world record.”

“Last night I had seen a beautiful dream of an amazing person, when I woke up and saw you, my dream became the reality.”

“Believe me, I have seen many amazing things in my life but the day I met you I realized the real amazing person is YOU.”

“I have never met an amazing person like you because you were the only hope that remained with me when all my hopes died last time.”

“I only exist in this world for that amazing person and that amazing person is YOU.”

“You are amazing because I have never seen such an amazingly caring person in my life.”

You are amazing quotes for her and him

“Thanks for being part of my life. You are such an amazing person without whom I can not imagine my life.”

“When you are with me I feel everything with me. You are amazing, you are my hopes.”

“You came to my life like an angel. I want to spend my whole life with an amazing angel like you.”

“The more time I spend with you, the more I fall in love with you. You are amazing.”

“I can forget breathing but can not forget spending time with an amazing girl like you.”

“Whenever you are around me, I feel like I got my breath back. Promise to stay with me.”

“My life is incomplete without an amazing girl like you. “

“You have changed my life. Whatever I am now is because of a wonderful person like you.”

“You are special, you are wonderful, you are amazing, you are my love.”

“The most amazing thing about you is that you taught me the real meaning of love and care.”

“You are amazing and please never ever change yourself for anyone else in this world.”

“You were amazing yesterday, today, and forever for me.”

“I will never forget in my life that I met an amazing person. You are the most amazing person.”

You are special quotes for friends and dear ones

“Thanks for being with me and sharing your amazing love and care with me whenever I needed them the most.”

“Whenever I see your face, my all worries, fear, and insecurities vanish in no time.”

“You will always be an amazing person for me, in my life, and even in all my lives.”

“You are so amazing that whenever I see you I get attracted to you automatically.”

“I can not imagine my life to be amazing without YOU in my life.”

“You are an amazing magnet. The moment you are around I get attracted to you.”

“I do not care what others say, you are still the most amazing person for me.”

“I have seen the two most amazing things in my life, You and only you”

“You are so amazing that I can not think of spending a single moment without you.”

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You are an amazing woman quotes

“The most amazing thing about you is that you are like a festival, always full of love and care.”

“No words in this world can describe you, not even “amazing” and “beautiful” because your beauty and love are beyond these words.”

“You are amazing just the way you are. Do not change yourself ever.”

“If I could give you one thing, it would be the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then you will truly understand how special you are. – Frida Kahlo

“You are an amazing woman and the only the strongest person in my life”

“Amazing woman like you is like a pillar standing always strong supporting family even in the hardest time”

“Behind every successful life, there is an amazing woman like you. And, I believe this.”

“An amazing woman like you teaches us how to live life with multiple responsibilities.”

“Who said woman cry easily, woman have the strongest will power and like fuel for the whole family”

How do you tell someone they are amazing?

  • The best way to tell someone they are amazing is to say. But, if you use some of these quotes while telling them, it will have more influence on the person.
  • You can call them and tell them how amazing they are, and how important they are in your life.
  • You can also remind them about any incident that had helped you boost your confidence when the person had helped you out.
  • The other best way to say is to record your voice or make a video and say one of “you are amazing quotes” shared in this article. When anyone receives these “you are amazing quotes”, they will surely love them.
  • You can gift them their favorite things and write one of the “You are amazing quotes” from the list on the gift box. When they will receive your gift they will like it even more.
  • Send them a message on Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram etc with one the amazing quotes from the list above.

Video for more you are amazing quotes ideas

Here is the youtube video for amazing quotes. Thanks to “I love you” youtube channel.

Conclusion: Amazing quotes

These are some of the best “you are amazing quotes” that you can say to your loved ones to make them feel how important they are in your life.

The best way to say these quotes is to just say. You can call them, text them, audio, or video call them and say these beautiful wonderful quotes to inspire your relationship.

Quotes are the best way to say to show your deep love and some quotes are so amazing that the moment someone reads them they fall in love with the quotes and the sender of the quotes. So, do not forget to use these quotes next time you meet your loved ones.

FAQ: Amazing quotes

What an amazing person you are quotes?

“I can not imagine my life complete without you. What an amazing person you are who always supported me whenever I needed you the most.”
“You are amazing, you are my love, you are my hope. Thanks for always being with me.”

How do you say you are amazing?

1. Tell them how important they are for you.
2. Remind them about any incident with them where they supported you.
3. Call them, text them, voice mail them about your best time with them.
4. Gift them and write your favorite “you are amazing quotes” on the gift. You will find many wonderful quotes on this page.