How to LET GO of someone you love. A complete guide

I know you are hurt and want someone to guide you on how to let go of someone in life. Do not worry, I am here to help you guide and completely understand your feelings.

I understand your emotions because I am human and know how it feels if someone leaves you in the mid helplessly. And, I understand how difficult it is to let go of someone in life.

I am not going to put forward the same advice floating here and there on the internet.

You can think of me as one of your good friends and then move forward reading this article. For a more friendly environment think of me sitting with you in a coffee shop and having a conversation over a cup of your favorite coffee.

So, let’s get started. Raise your mug and cheers…

How to let go of someone and your past

Here is the thing you need to understand and practice in life to let go of someone in life.

Stop dwelling in the past and learn to enjoy your present

Yeah it’s true it is a little difficult to let go, someone, you love but it not impossible at all. Let me tell you, it is super easy to let go of your past if you are living your life being in the present.

But most find it difficult practicing living their lives being in the present in the lack of proper guidance and knowledge.

Do you know what you need to practice to let things go and welcome everything happening around you? The thing is called Mindfulness. Do not worry, I am not going to give a lecture on mindfulness. But as one of your good friends, I can advise you on what needs to be fixed. Can I?

Thank you for letting me do so…

Hey, have you realized one thing? You spent less time thinking about your past enjoying our conversion with this article. It happened because you are completely concentrated reading this article and enjoying the real things happening in the present right now.

This is what I am trying to make you understand about being in the present. Now tell me, was mindfulness not helpful to make you stop thinking about your bitter past? How many times did you think of your past reading this article so far? I hope the answer would be Zero.

So, I highly recommend you learn mindfulness if you want to live your life to the fullest and let go of your past. This is not just helpful let go of someone in life but can transform your whole life itself. You will feel much better with Mindfulness.

Do not forget I am your friend and I care about your happiness. Here is the guide I have written on mindfulness for you. This guide is a small treat from me to you. Please accept my treat by reading the article below on Mindfulness.

How to practice Mindfulness: A guide

Hey, our coffee is getting colder. Have a sip before we move on reading the next tip on letting things go.

How to let go of someone you love?

Aha!! It is fun having a conversation with you. And, I must appreciate the way you are listening to everything I am sharing with you. Let me help you with my next advice to let go of someone you love.

Do not try to let go but accept your past for a better future

Now, it is time to experiment a new thing with you to make my message clear to you.

NOTICE: The content below is only meant for adults. Read only if you are 18+.

Hey, hold on. HAHAHA! I am not going to share anything awkward meant for 18+. The message above was part of my experiment. Now, tell me, a message like above would make anyone who is 18 below stop reading the article?

In most cases, people will get more curious to know what is there below meant only for adults. When someone asks you not to do something you get more curious doing that thing. More we try to resist something more we get attracted to that thing.

So, my advice to you as a takeaway from this small experiment is not to resist your past but accept it without getting judgemental and have a progressive mind for a better present and future.

I hope my message is clear to you. I am not going to leave you with my half advice. You must be wondering how to have a progressive mind. You might be thinking it is easier said than done.

Wait!!! hold your coffee mug and have another sip. Feeling much better, right?

I have something special to share with you that will help you have a progressive mind and have a growth mindset.

The problem with most people is that they have a fixed mindset which makes them stop progressing in life.

On the other side, people with a growth mindset know how to keep progressing in life without worrying about their worries. HAHAHA! Yes, if you developed a growth mindset you will stop worrying about your different worries.

I know I am here to help you with let go of someone you love. Do not worry, once you have developed a growth mindset letting go of things in life becomes your most powerful habit.

Here is that special thing for you that will help you develop a growth mindset. The guide below that I have written earlier will help you with developing a growth mindset.

I hope you will like my next treat below in the form of a guide on having a mindset of letting things go.

Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset: Beginner guide

We are almost done with our coffee? You are a great listener and I am really enjoying this conversation. Let’s refill our cups.

Get ready, the next advice on how to let go of someone who hurt you is the ultimate solution.

How to let go of someone who hurt you?

No one can hurt if you are not allowing yourself to be hurt. An energetic mind and a pure heart will never allow anyone to hurt you.

The only problem I see here is that people are lost in a world of chaos, noise, show-off, and money. They rarely take out even a minute in knowing themselves and exploring their unlimited potential.

We are lost in a world of playing the blame game of getting hurt and hurting others. The greatest sin we people do by letting ourselves hurt. It is not people who hurt us but we hurt ourselves.

If you know how to stand strong like a shield to protect your heart and mind, no one in this world can hurt you. And, if you do not allow anyone to hurt you, you can easily let go of someone who hurt you.

The talk went a little philosophical. HAHAHA! Let me have another sip of my coffee.

Relax! I am going to soothe your mind in a blink of eyes with my next treat to you. This is your best day, you had so many treats from me today. HAHAHA! Keep enjoying your treats.

Again, I am not going to give you my half advice. I am going to share the shield I talked about above to safeguard your heart and mind. This shield will help you let go of someone who hurt you.

Get your first shield

If you think you were hurt by someone and now worried about how to let go of him/her. You do not have to worry because I am going to share with you the two more bonus tips (shields) below.

These tips if exercised properly will heal your wounds and eliminate your worries effectively.

Do you know what is the thing that energies your mind and let you work on worries? The thing that energies your mind is your friendly thoughts. If your thoughts are unfriendly it can drain your energy and you feel low.

The first shield to protect your mind from all these undesired unfriendly thoughts is called meditation. The meditation word in itself is so soothing to call. If it is so soothing calling, imagine if practice rightly, how it can improve your quality of life.

The meditation is the greatest tool to humanity God has bestowed us to fight down unfriendly thoughts. It is like a shield always ready to rescue us from all unnecessary thoughts.

I bring you now my next treat to you called a guide to meditation that will train you to let go of things in life.

Have a look at your next treat below in the article and thank me later.

How to find peace of mind and happiness: My tranformation story

Here comes your second shield

The second shield is like extra protection to your heart and mind. The protection will make sure you are less worried about your different worries in life and acting on them to fix.

If you want to let go of someone who hurt you then you should train yourself first. Once you train yourself to let things go, it is always easy to walk your talk.

Previously, I used to get worried a lot due to different issues in my life in the lack of awareness. The most difficult part was to let things go.

For me, letting go was the most difficult job and was hindering my personal, financial and fitness growth. One day, I gave a strong thought on my different worries in life and invented my own tool of letting things go and keep progressing in life.

I call it my personal meter to unlimited happiness and titled it in the form of an ebook called WIllingness Meter. The meter was like my personal scale on which I could weight my worries and it shows my actual willingness to fix them.

I highly recommend you read this ebook and get one for yourself. I am sure the ebook will change the way you see your different worries in life. The ebook will also help you let go of someone who hurt you.

Here is your second shield and my next treat to you today.

Willingness Meter Cover

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I must say, it was fun having a conversation with you today. I loved the way you listened to everything I was sharing with you today.

I hope to meet you over another cup of coffee in my next article. If you want to join please comment on your next topic I should be discussing with you when I meet you next time.

Thank you very much! I hope the tips I shared in this article will help you to let go of someone and live your life to the fullest.

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