Amberly Lago Transformation story: Real-life journey

I am highly honored today to share with you an inspiring real-life transformational story of Amberly Lago. A lady who proved that if you have strong determination, nothing is impossible in this world.

I feel very lucky that I discovered her story while scrolling through my Instagram feed. The moment I read one of her Instagram posts I experienced a strong motivational kick in me.

I was so fascinated that I kept reading her all other thought-provoking Instagram posts, watched her TEDx video, and reached her website to explore more about her life.

In this post, I am going to share with you her motivational transformation story that made me write today on my website.

This post is my tinest effort to show my huge respect for her and spread her life lessons to the world.

Before we proceed to her story let’s have a quick bakground of her.

Who is Amberly Lago?

Amberly Lago podcast host

Her professional profile says she is a health coach, bestselling author, podcast host, and a TEDx Speaker.

And, her life experience says, she is life long learner, a self-made woman, and a lady who coached her life well before becoming an evergreen coach.

She belongs to Texas, a state in the South Central Region of the United States, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

She is a bestselling author of the bookTrue Grit and Grace: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph in which she shared her story. A must-read book for you.

With that quick intro, let me share with you now her motivational story of bounce back in life.

Transformation story of Amberly Lago that is transforming millions of lives

Imagine a singer losing her voice at some point in time in her life for whom singing was everything. Next, imagine a professional shooter losing his arms for whom shooting was life.

I know it is very painful thinking of these dreadful situations in someone’s life. If it is so painful just thinking, imagine that person’s life, her profession, dream, and family.

Now, imagine a girl who is a proud athlete, fitness enthusiast, and professional dancer almost losing one of her legs in a horrifying road accident.

Amberly is that lady who suffered this devastating situation when an SUV crushed one of her legs in a road accident.

A ride to an unexpected destination

She had never imagined her joyful motorcycle ride would turn into a miserable road accident, leaving herself lying on road helplessly with her broken legs and blood spread around.

She was completely numb and could not understand what’s just happened with her and going on around.

What she remembered was some people approaching her looking at her smashed leg as she was lying in deep pain. She recollected from her memory of a lady getting fainted in panic and someone calling 911.

She was taken to a nearby hospital with almost no hope of getting back to life. Some doctors advised her husband to amputate her leg to which he denied as he wanted Amberly to take this decision.

When she finally came back out of the coma, she made a strong decision of not getting her leg amputated. It took 34 surgeries and months in the hospital to save her leg.

Later, she found that she got a serious nerve disease called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) which was going to put the rest of her life in severe pain and anxiety.

CRPS is a kind of nerve disease that is considered to be the highest pain a human can tolerate (Greater than pain during childbirth or kidney stone). It is called a suicide disease leaving a person in constant chronic pain for the rest of her/his life.

She felt like losing all her hope of becoming a world-class athlete and a dancer, was completely broke, and wanted to do something about this but she was clueless.

The story of transformational decision

With her never give up attitude and power of self-belief, she recollected her hope and decided to seek physical therapy.

For her, nothing seems to be working, and she tried to forget her pain drinking or engaging herself in some activities. But those were temporary pain relievers and was just a poor way to hide the reality.

She wanted to do something that could have helped boost her confidence, come over the pain, and make her life back to normal.

She wanted to stand strong for herself when everything seems to be going against her happiness in life: she lost her job, lost her confidence, and felt like quitting her life.

Her life was throwing torrents of challenges one after another with a series of bitter surprises. She was never ready for all these harsh challenges that arrived in her life from nowhere. She wanted something different and something strong from within to bounce back in life.

A new Amberly

When she found nothing seems to be working to relive her pain she used the power of resilience to fight back.

She decided to change her completely to change everything happening around.

Her decision of using the power of resilience was all set to bring a new Amberly from her. This time an entirely different version of herself: stronger, smarter, and happier than ever before 🙂

Real-life story of Amberly Lago

She was ready to be grateful for everything that happened and everyone who boosted her confidence. It was like her habit to note down everything that she was grateful for in life.

She used to hate her leg because of the pain, scars, and even thought of amputating it one day.

But her new mindset made her thought to find out love hidden in hates.

This change in her mindset made her embrace her life, things happening around, and most importantly her legs.

This new avatar of Amberly this time started loving her leg like never before instead of hating her own part of body.

She gave importance to the communication and grateful for everyone she was surrounded with. And, ready to offer whatever she could offer to help people around her and show her gratefulness.

She made her own way of healing and relieving, and summed up into a small name called PACER.

  • P = Perspective
  • A = Acceptance
  • C = Community
  • E = Endurace
  • R = Rest

With this PACER mindset, she felt a huge change in her life, most importantly, the way she used to see her life and people.

When no pills were healing her pain, the change in her belief system became her best pill to heal her mind and body.

The new therapy she got was her self-therapy of healing her broken self-confidence, motivation, and hunger to transform her life. She even used the power of mindfulness to heal herself from the pain.

Remember, when no pill seems to be working, your very own pills of self-belief, never give up attitude, and change in mindset works the best.

Now she is an entirely new Amberly, a happy, peaceful, strong, and a great fighter teaching world how not to lose hope and explore our inner superhuman.

Real-life story of Amberly Lago

Her Instagram posts speak a lot of her confidence and love for people. I feel privileged that I got a chance to explore the transformation story of Amberly of becoming a superhuman. Yes, in the true sense, she is no less than a superwoman.

A big salute to Amberly Lago from my side.

Anubhav Kumar

5 life lessons from Amberly Lago

Watch this small video that we have created on 5 life lessons that we can learn from Amberly Lago’s story.

The takeaway from her real-life transformational story

We can learn a lot of things from Amberly. Her real-life story of turning tragedy into triumph has a lot of real-time learnings. She is the living example of the power of self-belief can do wonders in life.

We people are habitual of crying over simple things in life. We are habitual of blaming others for our own mistakes. Most cry over even at their smallest failures in life. Life is bigger than we think and has a lot of things to learn from.

People around us exists to mentor us. It is us who gonna decide whether to stand strong during tough times or cry over failures and keep making excuses.

I hope you learned something new today from her story and gonna bounce back harder in life.

You can follow her on Instagram here: @amberlylagomotivation

Take care!

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