The code for the extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani

the code for the extraordinary mind

The code for the extraordinary mind is a self-help book by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mind Valley. It is not just a book but a step towards bringing revolution for improving the lives of millions of people around the globe. Vishen, the author of the book, brings forward the 10-point framework for understanding and … Read more

Law of attraction success story. 2 success stories (The Secret)

Law of attraction success story

You are about to read something powerful, something amazing, and something highly secret; the law of attraction, and my weight loss success story. Who said that the law of attraction does’t exist? This is how I used the law of attraction to lose my weight. I am sure after reading my success story you will … Read more

Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset: Beginner guide

fixed mindset vs. growth mindset

For those who wish to understand growth mindset vs fixed mindset in detail, here is a guide for you. In this guide, you will find the meaning of mindset, comparison between growth and fixed mindset, some examples, and finally how to develop a growth mindset to keep learning in life. What is a mindset? Mindset, … Read more

12 Laws of karma explained in detail: A guide

12 laws of karma

In this small guide, I will talk about the meaning of Karma and “What are the 12 laws of karma?”. The meaning of karma: In simple language, Karma means “action“. Karma is a Sanskrit word and the 12 laws that govern the working of your action and reaction are called the Laws of Karma. Another … Read more

You are amazing quotes for a wonderful 2023

You are amazing quotes

You are amazing quotes are the best quotes one can share with your dear ones. These amazing quotes are really amazing for your wonderful relationship, let it be husband-wife, family members, friendship or girlfriend, and boyfriend. So, let’s get started with some of the best “You are amazing quotes” to inspire yourself for a better … Read more

How to improve communication skills? 10 tips to follow.

how to improve communication skills

If your poor communication skills hampering your confidence at work, job hunt, or in a relationship, these tips on how to improve communication skills will help you for sure. One with good interpersonal skills enjoys the fruits of success and love. And, effective communication is the basic ingredient to have better interpersonal skills. What is … Read more

How to practice Mindfulness: A guide

How to practice mindfulness

Have you ever checked how your thoughts emerge and dissolve somewhere in mind? This guide will teach you how to practice mindfulness allowing you to have a better understanding of your thoughts. Later, in this guide, I will recommend my favorite book that teaches the traditional and scientific approach to mindfulness. Before you dive into … Read more